Hawke's Bay Hospital helping Christchurch

Hawke’s Bay Hospital sent two retrieval teams to Christchurch overnight to pick up two existing critically ill intensive care patients.

These patients were already in intensive care in Christchurch prior to the earthquake but were transferred to help alleviate pressure at Christchurch Hospital.

Chief operating officer Warrick Frater said a list of volunteers, from the district health board, was being gathered today and that list would be matched up with the skills Christchurch needed and staff deployed as required

Mr Frater said Hawke’s Bay Hospital was able to take more patients if necessary and was working closely with other agencies to ensure all the help Christchurch needed at this time could be provided.

At this time all planned elective surgery would go ahead at Hawke’s Bay Hospital but would be reassessed if Christchurch needed more bed space either in the wards or in ICU.

ENDS: MEDIA RELEASE: 23 February 2011