New model of care for Wairoa

In less than two years Wairoa’s new $5million integrated health facility will be up-and-running and providing a new model of care to the community, a report to the district health board revealed today (27 April 2011).

Chief executive Kevin Snee said progress had been made integrating Wairoa’s health services and the new facility was expected to be completed by January 2013.

Along with this announcement a contract had been signed with Health Workforce New Zealand who will fund the appointment of a designated project manager to manage the implementation of the integrated services and fund the role of a clinical advisor to the project.

“A significant amount of work has gone into getting the project to this stage.  A new model of care in Wairoa will help provide a sustainable workforce model and support integrated health delivery.  This will be good for everyone, the community, patients and staff working in the health system.

“I am particularly pleased one of the first effects of operating in financial surplus will mean we can give certainty to a community which has long deserved this commitment from its district health board.

“Without this, the long term viability of health services in Wairoa is seriously threatened,” Dr Snee said.

A new steering group had been appointed which would give the project added impetus.

Wairoa’s deputy mayor Denise Eaglesome and well known Wairoa identity Rill Meihana had been appointed along with Kevin Snee, Dr Peter Foley, and Sarah Mulcahy. Hayley Anderson would stay on as acting project manager until the full time project manager was appointed.

Hayley Anderson said the appointment of a full time project manager was critical in order for the project to meet planned timeframes and make traction.

“We are currently short listing candidates to the role and the successful candidate is expected to be in place in ten weeks time.

Ms Anderson said one of the crucial aspects to the role would be for the project manager to live in Wairoa for a minimum of three days a week.

“The next steps are to continue to work closely with the key clinical leaders in Wairoa and make sure they are involved in the decision making process” she said.

ENDS: HBDHB Media Release: 27 April  2011