Retailers remain vigilant to underage tobacco sales

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board’s Public Health Unit congratulates Wairoa retailers following a check of 15 outlets where no tobacco was sold to an underage volunteer.

Theresa Te Whaiti smokefree officer said the recent monitoring check involved a fourteen year-old volunteer who attempted to buy tobacco or herbal smoking products from the retailers.

Under the Smoke free Environments Act, it is illegal to sell tobacco and herbal smoking products to anyone aged under 18 years.

Mrs Te Whaiti said retailers played an important part in reducing youth smoking rates in Hawke’s Bay.

“Retailers need to ensure their staff are also aware of the law and should hold regular training sessions with staff.  It is important that acceptable photo identification is checked  - quite simply it’s  - no ID - no sale.

“Monitoring checks will continue around Hawke’s Bay, so to avoid being prosecuted, retailers need to remain vigilant about whom they sell cigarettes to,” she said