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Wairoa Health

Kitchener Street, WAIROA Phone: (06) 838 7099


Acute ward  - There are 11 acute beds for patients needing treatment for a range of illnesses and injuries. Patients are transferred to Hawke's Bay Hospital for further treatment, if required.
Visiting Hours: 2pm to 7.30pm, two visitors per patient

Maternity - Midwives provide antenatal and postnatal visits. Three beds are available for low-risk deliveries. All services are provided by qualified staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Visiting Hours: 2pm to 7.30pm daily

Whanau Room - The room provides accommodation for relatives and friends of patients. Bedding and pillows are required in the Wairoa Whare. Details on the use are available from the nursing staff in the Acute Ward. A koha is gratefully accepted.

Laboratory - This is a free service which provides a wide range of diagnostic tests for the GP and inpatient service.  There will be point of care testing done in the ward by the Nurse.

Radiology (x-ray) - Plain film radiology and sonography is available at the hospital and health centre.  Appointments are required and appreciated - phone (06) 838 7099

Physiotherapy - A private practice is contracted by the Hawke's Bay District Health Board to provide this service to patients who are referred by our staff.

Outpatient clinics
Weekly: General surgery; Physical medicine; Paediatric (child); Psychiatry

ENT Nurse lead clinic: Tuesday and Wednesday 8am to 4.30 · Hearing and vision

Daily: Diabetes Nurse lead clinic

Fortnightly: Dietetic; Neurology; Sonography; Child psychiatry

Monthly: Audiology; Cardiology; Ear, nose and throat; Geriatric; Obstetric and gynecology; Podiatry ; Speech language therapy; Orthopedic surgery; Palliative Hospice (monthly and as needed)

Once every two months: Dermatology ; Rheumatology

District nursing - This is a seven day free service available to anyone who has been referred by their doctor, hospital or other health professional. Services are specialised and include:
· Care of the dying (palliative care)
· Wound management
· Continence assessment and supplies (Hastings based service available to Wairoa)
· Oxygen supplies and education

Mobile Surgical Bus
The Mobile Surgical Bus visits Wairoa 8-9 times per year enabling the Wairoa community to have better access to day case surgery.

Meals on wheels
These are available (lunch) seven days a week. To order meals please contact the Team Secretary, Wairoa Hospital and Health Centre. The eligibility criteria are available on request.

Occupational therapy
Patients are assessed and provided with suitable equipment to help them achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence.

Social work
A Social Worker is available to assist patients and their families with any issues whilst in hospital or on leaving hospital.

Options Hawke’s Bay
Assessment and co-ordination services are provided for people with long term disabilities. Referrals are accepted from people with a disability, their family/whanau or a health professional. We can support the patient with household management, personal care and care relief. Also available is short term personal care and organisation of home management support and information and guidance for ostomy and renal patients. For more information phone: 06 838 7099

Mental Health and Addiction
People with mental health needs are assessed and a range of recovery options are offered. These services are free. Referrals are made by the doctor, relatives, iwi health providers, teacher or can be self referrals. For more information phone: 06 383 3700

Kaupapa Maori mental health
The kaimanaaki provides a service for the Tangeta Whaiora, long and short term.

Child and family (CAF)
Child, adolescent and family services are provided by a CAF social worker.

Public health Services provided include:
· Health promotion and health education advice in conjunction with PHO and NGOs
· Child health (at early childhood centers, kohanga reo and schools)
· School policy advice

Curriculum support
Fruit in schools programme
· Immunisation programme
· Contact tracing for communicable diseases
- B4 schools vision and health assessment support
- Personal health support referral from schools and health professionals

School dental services
Dental care is provided in dental clinics located at large primary schools and from mobile dental clinics. Dental health promotion and dental health services are provided free to pre-school and primary school children. This service is administrated from the Population Health Service in Napier. For further information please phone 06 878 8109

Cervical screening
Free clinics are provided at Outpatients on a two monthly basis.
For an appointment: Phone: (06) 838 4710

Cranford Hospice
Staff from the Hospice give advice and support to palliative care patients. They also offer educational in-services to health professional staff.  The Hospice provide monthly (or more frequently if required) home visit and can be contacted by phone at any time.  GPs refer patients to the Hospice.

A free bus service runs from Wairoa to Napier and Hastings Monday – Friday (except on public holidays). This service can be used by patients/whanau/support persons  subject to availability. It's primary use is for patients who need to travel to Napier/Hastings for outpatient appointments, day surgery or other health-related services.

To avoid any inconvenience or delays to planned travel, please make reservations. We cannot guarantee you a seat if you have not booked in advance. Wheelchairs and push chairs can be transported. Clients may be picked up along the Wairoa - Napier Road if prior arrangements are made with the booking officer at reception.

Reservations are to be made at the front reception of Wairoa or Hastings hospitals or by phoning:
· Wairoa 06 838 7099
· Hastings 06 878 8109

Depart Wairoa 8.00 am - arrive Hastings 10.00 am
Depart Hastings 3.00 pm (3.20pm pick up time at Napier) - arrive Wairoa 5.00pm

Our mission is to provide treatment and care that inspires people to recovery, independence and maintain good health.