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Nursing Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP)

The Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP) is a contemporary professional development framework which assists nurses to further develop knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care.

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (HBDHB) PDRP is accredited by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) to meet the competency assessment component of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance (HPCA) Act 2003. The HBDHB PDRP includes NCNZ requirements for annual practicing certificates (APC). If you are currently employed by HBDHB or a Primary Health Care (PHC) organisation that has a MOU with HBDHB and you have a HBDHB PDRP portfolio, you will meet NCNZ requirements and will not be audited by NCNZ.

Below are all the necessary documents for assist with completion of your PDRP: