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Quality & Risk Service

Hawke's Bay DHB's Quality and Risk Service is located:

  • Hawke's Bay Hospital Campus (Infection Control )
  • At the main hospital entrance (Customer Services )
  • Cashmore First Floor (Q&R Manager, Admin, Clinical Effectiveness Unit, Coordinators)

Quality and Risk service provide a range of support functions during business hours i.e. Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm. Q&R Service enquiries:

Personal Assistant phone 06 878 8109 ext 2683 or 878 1373
All Infection Control enquiries phone 06 878 8109 ext 6481 or 6462
Customer Service Enquiries phone 06 878 8109 ext 2683 or 8781373
Clinical Effectiveness Unit enquiries phone 06 878 8109 ext: 2869

Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU)

The Clinical Effectiveness Unit comprises the Clinical Audit Co-ordinator and Audit Facilitator, The unit supports the implementation and integration of clinical audit and other clinical effectiveness activities into HBDHB Health Services according to the HBDHB Clinical Governance Framework. This is achieved through:

  • Development of an annual audit programme in collaboration with HBDHB Health Services
  • Ongoing maintenance of the HBDHB Quality Activities Register
  • The registration of all audits with the Quality and Risk Service
  • Provision of ongoing support for clinical quality improvement activities (including mortality & morbidity, clinical audit, clinical indicators, surveys, etc.)
  • Provision of audit training and support
  • Provision of guiding policy and standardised templates for clinical audit and review
  • Dissemination of clinical quality improvement information via the Quality Bulletin
  • Membership on standing committees (Pharmacy & Therapeutics, Senior Medical/ Dental Officer Credentialling, Policy Control)

Customer Services

The Customer Services Manager  has responsibility for ensuring HBDHB meets its obligations in respect of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights.  This includes the management and reporting of consumer feedback systems for complaints, compliments, comments and suggestions, and responsibility for the MoH inpatient and outpatient surveys (excluding Mental Health).  Advice and support is provided to complaint handlers, complaint handling guidelines handbook, policy development, staff training and patient information.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Receiving consumer feedback direct from patients/family/whanau and facilitating immediate responses
  • Organising and facilitating meetings with patients/families/whanau and clinicians
  • Facilitating and chairing the Consumer Group Committee, attendance at the HB Field Officers’ meetings and community consumer groups as required
  • Responsibility for development of patient pamphlets such as map and visiting hours and inpatient information booklet
  • Project involvement as requested

Infection Control

Infection Control (IC) compromises the Infection Control Advisor and the Assistant Infection Control Advisor.

Infection Control manages and implements the infection control programme which is aimed at the prevention of infection in all sites within the DHB, services contracted under the DHB and other healthcare facilities within the wider DHB.

Key accountabilities are:

  • Development and maintenance of an Infection Control Programme which aligns with organisational and national objectives and complies with certification requirements
  • Monitoring and consultation in preventive measures and isolation precautions
  • Participation in national surveillance and benchmarking data collection
  • Evaluation of compliance with Infection Control practices
  • Provision and maintenance of infection control education programme pan DHB
  • Liaison with and consultative service for external agencies
  • Consultation and participation in equipment, building and refurbishment projects pan DHB
  • Provision of customer services i.e. education, resource and advisory
  • Membership on Standing Committees (Infection Control Committee, Product Evaluation Committee, District  Pandemic Action Committee)
  • Evaluation, interpretation and reporting of data

Quality & Risk Co-ordinators

The co-ordinators role is to facilitate the effective management and continuing improvement of quality within Hawke’s Bay District Health Board. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Accreditation and Certification
  • Event Reporting (data quality control, reviews, quarterly reports, management of electronic system etc)
  • Policy Management
  • Service Improvement / Quality Improvement
  • Training and Education
  • Risk Management Support.

Key Tasks:

  • Provide support, advice and training on areas of quality improvement, risk identification and management and legislative compliance.  
  • Support organisational committees e.g. restraint, nurses credentialing, patient journey management group and projects which have an ongoing effect across services e.g Health Information, Credentialling.
  • Perform liaison / inter-collaboration roles with key stakeholders e.g. Nursing Team, Occupational Health, and Health and Safety.  
  • Support National Quality Improvement Committee initiatives e.g. National Incident Management, Optimising Patient Journey and Safe Medication Management.

Administration Team

The administration team within the Quality and Risk Service provide PA support for the Quality & Risk Manager and Legal Advisor and secretarial and clerical support for all other members of the Quality and Risk Service.  The administration team maintains organisational-wide systems including:

  • Accreditation and Certification documentation
  • ACC Treatment Injury Claims
  • Consumer Feedback System (i.e. complaints and compliments)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (inpatients / outpatients and mental health)
  • Event Reporting System
  • Forms and Publications (database and intranet)
  • Policy Control System

In addition, secretarial support is extended to include DHB Committees (i.e. Clinical Board, Consumer Group, Clinical Complaint & Event Committee, Health Information Committee, Infection Control Committee, Policy Control Committee and Quality Assurance & Risk Committee).