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Regional Services Plan        


Regional Services Plan

The Regional Services Plan (RSP) outlines how the Central Region DHBs will build on existing collaboration and continue working together to plan and deliver regionally focused health and disability services to improve health outcomes for our population irrespective of their postcode and proximity to a major hospital.

The RSP was developed with input from clinicians, managers and consumer representatives across the region. It sets out 11 agreed regional priorities for action including improving access to elective services, reducing wait times for cancer services and strengthening vulnerable radiology and older adult services.

The plan also prioritises focus on: strengthening clinical leadership and governance, exploring a regional IT infrastructure, maximising financial resources by managing capital assets, sharing non-clinical shared services and reviewing transport and accommodation for patients and clinicians, and progressing sub-regional activity that has already begun in some parts of the region.

Each of the priority and action areas outlined in the RSP will be addressed as individual projects. Plans for each project are currently being developed and progressed with a clinician or manager from the region appointed to take responsibility for each project. You will hear more about these projects as they progress.

The RSP will be reviewed and updated annually. Hawke’s Bay  DHB’s Annual Plan is closely aligned to the RSP.