Programme Incubator

The development of the health sector workforce for the future has many challenges. individual, community, institutional and societal.

The future New Zealand health sector workforce is not only about quantity. It is also about equity and inequality, clinical and non clinical, primary and secondary. Because of these complexities it requires a response that comprehensively and progressively addresses the multiple factors that impact on its direction.

Programme Incubator is a Hawke’s Bay District Health Board initiative, developed to impact on these workforce issues, and is assisting in creating a process of industry intervention within the secondary school environment.

One of the strategies of Programme Incubator is to introduce students to the ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ of health.  The programme  focuses on achieving results, using leadership conversations for effectiveness, with frameworks that engage learning, while generating a sense of feel for the health sector. 

Programme Incubator is an effective conduit of information to students and whānau on a range of health and well being messages including: primary health, mental health, current health issues and emergency response information.

Programme Incubator aims to develop a regionally competent and appropriate workforce who are able to understand how to best apply health practices and address community health issues throughout New Zealand.