Pharmacy contracts

If you are intending to establish a pharmacy in the Hawke’s Bay district, please first contact the Primary Care Directorate of Hawke’s Bay DHB to check on the availability of a new pharmacy contract.

The Hawke’s Bay DHB Community Based Pharmacy Services in Hawke’s Bay Strategic Direction 2016-2020 outlines our plan to investigate the development of quality framework for assessment of new community pharmacies into the Hawke’s Bay region through minimum quality standards; to ensure high quality, safe, value-for-money, and patient-centric service delivery.  Until the quality framework and associated policy has been developed, there will be no automatic guarantee that applications for a new pharmacy contract will be granted and pharmacy providers should consider this before committing to any investment in new pharmacy outlets in Hawke’s Bay.

Hawke’s Bay DHB community pharmacy charge rules

The ICPSA contract clause D.7  outlines the contractual obligations related to pharmacy charges.

The Permitted Pharmacy Charges rules provide a list of circumstances in which the pharmacy may charge additional fees.  The rules also refer to pharmacies being responsible for knowing the national rules, as well as any DHB specific rules.

Additional Hawke’s Bay DHB arrangements where charging is excluded are listed below.   Community Pharmacy providers must refer people to avoid or reduce the charge before the services are provided, as per their obligation in clause D.7 (4). 

  1. Collection and destruction of medical waste and medical sharps containers
    Pharmacies may not charge members of the public for the return of medical waste or medical sharps for disposal.

    Pharmacies may not charge members of the public for the supply of a sharps container for medical sharp disposal.  These are provided by the DHB Hospital Pharmacy free of charge to the Pharmacy.

    The DHB works with a contractor to provide a waste disposal service in every Hawke’s Bay pharmacy at no charge to the Pharmacy.

    If a pharmacy does not participate in the free disposal scheme, they must inform members of the public which pharmacies do participate.  Pharmacies are also requested to provide guidance on the Needle Exchange Programme providers for non-medical sharps disposal
  2. NRT Smoking Cessation Advice
    Pharmacies may not charge members of the public for a Smoking Cessation advice service, unless the member of the public has been informed of the free Te Haa Matea – Hawke’s Bay Stop Smoking Service and have declined to access free smoking cessation support via this service.

  3. Patients receiving services fully funded by the DHB 
    For example MUR, CPAMs, after-hours under 14 are not to be charged additional fees.  

    For services that are not related to those captured in the ICPSA or where Hawke’s Bay DHB is not in a position to offer a contract to all pharmacies due to volume/budget caps these services may be offered and charged for if, but only if, the pharmacy has first informed the patient where they can go to get the service where it is fully funded, or the pharmacy is providing this service over and above their contracted volume cap.

Pharmacy staff who are in doubt about how to apply these rules should please contact the Planning and Commissioning Manager (Referred Services).